Making Your Storefront Sign Effective and Durable


As you know, there are many things to consider when you’re planning to set up a storefront sign. There’s zoning, for instance, and then by finding the right material. Of course, there’s choosing the right sign maker, which is undoubtedly a crucial part of the process.

At the end of the day, however, where it will all boil down to when you talk about reaching your objectives for having that sign, is no other than the sign itself. How can you make yours work and last?

Visual Attractiveness

Is it physically appealing? Your sign should be easy to read. Use bright colors and tones that complement your surroundings while meeting your zoning regulations. Needless to say, the design has to be appropriate for your brand. People should instinctively know what’s lying behind your doors. If you sell dog food, for example, use a picture of a dog eating. It’s great to be creative, but don’t take it too far to avoid confusion.


When deciding on a design and copy, make your message priority — and keep your word count to seven or less.   If location is the sign’s most important aspect, highlight it. If your service is extraordinary, communicate it on top of everything else. Keep it simple, however. Your customers can know more about your brand once they enter the door.


If your sign is hard to understand, people may subconsciously view your brand as unbelievable or untrustworthy. Studies show the opposite is necessarily true as well.

Easy Maintenance

Most natural materials unfortunately succumb to nature with the passing of time. Hence, it’s wise to choose those that don’t weather, such as stone, treated wood or metal. Shops and websites will usually provide highly durable composite or alternative materials for you to choose from.


Don’t put your Red Deer Signage where it will be obstructed by trees, power lines, buildings and the like – this can make you’ll lose customers. Check the position of your sign from each possible vantage point. Make any necessary changes – add lights, change colors or fonts, etc. – if only to make your sign stand out.

Different Folks, Different Strokes

According to studies, people can have varying perceptions of a single sign, depending on how their view of it  – for example, if the sign was mounted on a building or on the ground. When viewing a sign from their right visual field, people tend to respond more positively to words compared to images, the research emphasizes. On the other hand, people seeing a sign from their left visual field are more likely to respond more favorably to an image sign mounted at a driver’s eye level.

Remember, there’s no need to be an artist to have a great design or logo for your business sign. By planning your design in advance, you can approach your chosen local Red Deer Printing shop and save money and time.


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